The Malgash

The Malgash is a demon of fire and darkness, possessed of great power. It appears a gigantic gaunt figure of congealed shadow, wreathed in spouting flames, with a long mane of blue smoke. It gives vent to a mad battle roar as it strides to attack, blowing out a spittle of hot cinders from its red maw. Its sword is a sliver of incandescent lava, and in its other hand it swings a whip of white sparks.

-Out of the Shadows
Dragon Warriors Book Four
By Dave Morris

Dragon Warriors

Dragon Warriors is an RPG written by Dave Morris and Oliver Johnson. It comes in a set of six books published by Corgi. The rulebooks are out of print but second hand copies can still be found occasionally.

Spell Manipulation
Rules for manipulating spell intensity level, duration and range.

Ability Improvement
Advancement rules for ability scores.

Character Creation Summary
A quick step-by-step guide to character creation.

Dragonlance Campaign
Running a Dragonlance campaign using Dragon Warriors.

Optional Combat Rules
Advanced combat rules for enhanced realism and gameplay.

Dragon Warriors Character Sheet
A character sheet in Word 2000 format.


Campaign World

The Encyclopaedia of Orb by Michael Spencelayh  
Orb is fantasy world that appeared in a number of solo roleplaying gamebooks in the 1980s. It was developed by Mark Smith and Jamie Thompson and featured in the ‘Way of the Tiger’ six-part series and the Fighting Fantasy gamebook ‘Talisman of Death’.



RuneQuest Character Sheet (Word 97)



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