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Dragon Warriors

Dragon Warriors Mailing List
A mailing list at Yahoo Groups.
Advanced Dragon Warriors
Game materials include new professions Paladin, Pugilist, Enchanter and Trickster.
Cynewulf's Dragon Warriors Page
Original game material, including Revised Archery Rules, Critical Hits, A few thoughts on nonhuman characters, Weapon Skills, Experience point policies, New spells, Skills of the Mighty for Elementalists, Elemental Theories, Living Costs, Expanded Poison Rules, Treating Narcoleptic Adventurers...
Dragon Warriors Character Sheets
A large collection of Dragon Warriors character sheets. - Dragon Warriors
Reviews and resources for the game.
Gary Johnson's Web Page
The Thief Profession, revised damage rules and more combat options.
Hubertian Maps
Contains maps of Legend made using Campaign Cartographer. Legend is the Dragon Warriors campaign world.
Pierre-luc's Dragon Warrior's Page
Features The Bloodsword Project for converting Bloodsword into Dragon Warriors.
Rules for Tekumel
Contains Dave Morris' Tirikelu system.
The Unofficial Dragon Warriors Homepage
Information about the series of Dragon Warriors books. Detailed game materials on herbs and a city set in Legend called The Rathurbosk.
The Wanderer's Rest
Resources here include Extensions to Dragon Warriors, Advanced Armour and Hit Location Rules, Traps, Magic Items, Skill System, Elves and Dwarfs, Priests, Character Sheet and Dragon Warriors music!


Kim Englund's Glorantha and RQ Links
RuneQuest & Glorantha
Runequest Rule Variants
Simon Phipp - RuneQuest-Glorantha Home Page

Dragonlance - Unofficial Fan Site for D&D Dragonlance
Probably the best Dragonlance site on the Web.
Dragonlance Stats
Khisanth's Lair
The 5th Age
Time of the Dragon Lords Taladas in the Fifth Age
Tracy Hickman Official Webpage

Forgotten Realms

Forgotten Realms mailing list members links
Forgotten Realms Portal
King's Tears
My Realms Of Dungeons And Dragons
RPG Library
Pach's Forgotten Realms Page
Shadowdale MUD


The Burnt World of Athas

General (Mostly Dungeons and Dragons)

Acid Dragons Library of Role-Playing Materials
Dungeons & Dragons®
Bean's Page o' AD&D Adventure Modules
Codex Of Arcane, Magical, and Mystical Items
Directory of Gaming
Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition News
Entry to the The Minotaur Stronghold
John H Kim's Role-Playing Game Page
Contains an RPG encyclopaedia for nearly every RPG published.
RPG Host
Tekumel Campaign World
The Great RPG Archive
The Unearthed Arcania Dungeons & Dragons Netbook
The Zenfish Dungeons and Dragons Site